45th BCS Exam Preparation – 45 তম বিসিএস পরিক্ষার প্রস্তুতি

If you want to know various information about the 45th BCS Exam Preparation at www.bpsc.gov.bd, you can know from this register. This year the government has released a notification for the selection of a large number of special cadres. Preparing for the BCS exam. This year, Bangladesh Government Career Commission Secretariat has published the recruitment circular for 3331 BCS. If you want to get recognition as a first-class officer of Bangladesh then you have to prepare for the exam now. So today I am going to present questions and answers for 45th BCS exam candidates through this article thinking of benefit for you. You must read from beginning to end very seriously.

45th BCS Exam Preparation

The BCS exam is divided into different categories. Candidates who will appear in the examination or the subject in which they have studied will have to appear in the examination. You need special preparation in advance to achieve all these qualifications. Nothing is possible without preparation. So you have to proceed with the BCS exam by taking prior preparation. Unless you have prepared beforehand and spent time studying, you will not crack this exam.

Only pre-preparation is important for the BCS exam. You must work hard to qualify for cadre posts. The recruitment notification has been published for both cadre and non-cadre posts. All the matters are described in detail in the recruitment circular. 45th BCS exam notification is released in the second phase. You should review the notice again through this amendment notice. Since you have applied, there is no more time to waste.

All the subjects on which you will fight for the cadre post will be described below you must select the subject according to your choice and proceed. To become a special cadre you have to study in different ways. Candidates who want to participate in the Cadre Based Examination for Administrative Cadre, Medical Cadre, and other Cadres you need to know about those subjects.

Pre-Preparation for the 45th BCS Exam

If you want to study any subject, you must have prior preparation. Nothing is possible without prior preparation. Therefore, from now on, you have to make the necessary preparations to move forward. In order to fill the vacant posts, this year many students are studying by using their qualifications in different ways through the publication of the circular to recruit a number of BCS cadres. So if you read carefully then here are some helpful or useful tips for you in this article of mine. Download this question paper and answer sheet now on your phone and keep studying.

As the application process is almost at the end, you don’t have much time left as the exam date will be announced by the second week of March. If you want to prepare for BCS at home then download the below pdf file and prepare for the 45th BCS exam.

How to take advance preparation for the BCS exam

This year govt has released a BCS cadre target notification for 3331 vacancies. Within this notification, all the interesting districts of Bangladesh have applied. Since you have applied you will have to study a lot from now on. Download the previous year’s question papers and revise them. So the tasks you need to do from now on are described below.

  • First, you need to find the specific time within 24 hours.
  • Choose a time when you have nothing to do.
  • Spend 8 hours in 24 hours studying.
  • Share Maths and English subjects along with the subjects you are studying.
  • Develop the habit of solving numbers by shortcut method.
  • Must have English speaking skills.
  • You have to change the way you speak.
  • General knowledge and subject knowledge should be acquired.
  • Need to know any special events happening in the present time.
  • Out should practice increasing knowledge.
  • Practice speaking fearlessly in front of teachers.
  • Know about a prominent person in your area.
  • Previous year question papers should be downloaded and studied.
  • You need to know about the type of questions asked in the viva board.

45th BCS exam preparation through online

Advance preparation for the 45th BCS exam can now be done online. Various question suggestions have been given in this regard by using various websites online. If you want, you can watch them and prepare. If you want to know various information related to the BCS exam, you can download it from my website. Also here other information about the BCS Exam-related job circular is nicely described.
You can get different information and knowledge from different YouTube blog sites online. There are many posts on this subject from which a specific schedule needs to be made. You don’t have much time on your hands, you have to collect posts from all sites and create a schedule. One of the strategies to acquire knowledge nowadays is online. By using the medium, all the solutions are now possible very easily.


 Download 45th BCS Exam Question Papers

This exam is not an easy exam so you need to study a lot and prepare for the exam. Since the application nature of the exam is over. And since the exam will be held in the second week of March, you should take the necessary steps and study from now.
Collect BCS Candidate’s Exam Question Papers. The government has arranged education online nowadays. For that, you have to take online help and gain knowledge by studying from there. For this, you have to go online and collect question papers from various sources. Along with that, you have to make your own suggestions. One has to research and study the answers by collecting them through different means.

45th BCS Exam Preparation



Finally, it can be said that if you have applied for the 45th BCS exam then you have to start preparing now. That is why it is said that the exam date will be announced in the second week of March. So get your knowledge by taking pre-preparation from now to have time. Prepare for the exam and download the above question papers. You don’t have much time left. In order to have time, a fixed schedule should be made through prior preparation. Study the subjects separately according to the schedule. If you want to get more information about the BCS exam, keep an eye on my website https://bestalljob.com, all types are posted here.

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