PPA Job Circular 2022 – পায়রা বন্দর কর্তৃৃপক্ষ নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি

The happy news is that PPA Job Circular 2022 has recently been published by Payra Port Authority through their official website https://ppa.gov.bd. If you are interested in port authority jobs then you have come to the right place. Here Hire PPA Job Circular 2022 is described. If you want to see the recruitment notification, then you must read it carefully from the beginning to the end.
PPA Payra Port Authority recruits huge manpower every year. Payra Port Authority has published the recruitment circular for various posts this year as well. So read the entire notification carefully and apply.

PPA Job Circular 2022

Payra Port Authority publishes circulars for the recruitment of manpower for various posts. Payra Port Authority has published this notification for direct recruitment to the posts mentioned in the notification in the revenue sector on a full temporary basis. If you want to apply through this notification, you have to apply online. Applications will not be accepted online.

Read the PPA Job Circular 2022 notification very carefully because through this notification you have to apply online. If there is any mistake while applying then it will consider the application invalid so be 100% correct then you will apply.

PPA Job Circular 2022 Download

If you want to apply for Payra Port Authority jobs then you must first download this notification PPA Job Circular 2022. And in the notification, various conditions educational qualification read everything well if your educational qualification matches with age then definitely apply. The notification mentions that the maximum age of the applicant should be within 30 years.

So if you are applying for a Payra Port Authority job then you must read this article of mine seriously. In case of difficulty in applying, below are the application process and details for your convenience.

Pyara Port Authority Recruitment Circular 2022

For those who have not yet received Payra Port Authority PPA job circular notification, there is no reason to worry, you can download it from my website very easily, but you have to follow some instructions. Payra Port is a very exciting friend with thousands of goods being imported and exported every day. And huge work and earn a living. So Payra Port Authority hires various manpower to make this port more modern and functional. For this purpose, the Payra port authority often publishes job circulars from time to time.

Payra Port Authority has published notification for the recruitment of a large number of people to work in their establishment. To see this notification, you must apply for PPA Job Circular 2022 by hitting the various conditions and educational qualifications. So read this registration very carefully from beginning to end and then apply. So Download Bondor job Circular 2022.

Payra Port Authority Posts

In this notification, the Payra Port Authority has mentioned a total of 22 posts in their revenue sector on a temporary basis. PPA Job Circular 2022 notification will mention a total of 22 post names for your convenience you can apply for the post according to your educational qualification.

  1. Assistant Engineer Civil: O1
  2. Superintendent:
  3. Assistant Director Finance: 1
  4. A government dredging master: 1
  5. Hydrographer Field is: 1
  6. A medical officer: 1
  7. Assistant Engineer Civil: 1
  8. Assistant Engineer Vidyut: 1
  9. A senior staff nurse: 1
  10. A security guard: 1
  11. Two traffic inspectors: 1
  12. personal assistant: 1
  13. government traffic inspector: 1
  14. high external assistant: 1
  15. office assistant-cum-computer numismatist: 1
  16. Land Surveyor: 1
  17. low-quality external assistant: 1
  18. Junior Account Assistant: 1
  19. Junior Audit Assistant: 1
  20. Sukhani: 1
  21. Security guard: 1

PPA Job Circular 2022 Online Application

If you want to apply through the Payara port authority online then you must follow some instructions to apply. To apply online, apply as per the instructions given below.

  • First, you need to enter this http://ppa.teletalk.com.bd link.
  • After entering the link you have to fulfill the appropriate educational qualification and necessary conditions.
  • A signature and photograph must be attached after filling out the online application form
  • 300 x 300 pixels color image should be attached in case of image attachment
  • In case of signature, a 300 x 80-pixel scan should be uploaded to the specified location.
  • The image size should be a maximum of 100 kilobytes and the signature should be a maximum of 80 kilobytes.
  • Then click on the submit button of the application
  • A print preview will then appear on your mobile to load the color printer
  • The user ID and password mentioned in the application will be displayed on the phone.
  • You have to submit your application fee with your User ID.

PPA Job Circular 2022 Exam Fee Payment through SMS

If you have applied online and after completing the application you have to deposit a certain amount towards the exam fee. The method of depositing a certain amount of money is described below if you have not seen PPA Job Circular 2022 then you can understand this recruitment circular in complete detail so look below.
E in your application copy

The user ID number will be given and using the User ID number you can deposit your exam fee using SMS through your Teletalk mobile. Rs.600 for Serial No.1 to Six Post, Rs.500 for Post No.7 to 8 and Rs.300 for Post No.9 to 10, and Rs.100 for Comic Post No.21 to 22 to be deposited within 72 hours of application.

If you have not submitted the examination fee after applying then your application will not be considered complete. For this, you need to complete the application within 72 hours by paying the specified amount according to your application status through Teletalk Prepaid.

How to pay through SMS

No need to worry if you are unable to pay after applying for PPA Job Circular 2022. I am describing to you the method of payment of this registration, according to which you can definitely pay the money without any problem. For this, follow the following procedures as directed by the Pyara Port Authority very seriously.

Apply by SMS


Download Link                        

PPA Job Circular 2022 User ID and pin number recovery procedure

Many will apply through Payra Port Authority. Many of them can lose passwords or user ID pin numbers. Those who have lost or are likely to lose a User ID and three digits can follow the below procedure and recover the User ID pin number very easily. So this article is very important for you. So you can apply for PPA Job Circular 2022 without any worries.

User Id and Pin Number verification


How to apply to Payra Port Authority

There are many people who can’t apply or don’t know Payra Port Authority Job Circular. Payra Port Authority Recruitment Notification 2022 Those who are yet to understand then read and understand the application process from my website. So for your convenience, PPA Job Circular 2022 is published in this notification, you will know from there. If you want to get any information or results, you can visit my website or visit the official website of Payra Port Authority and get various information. So take a good look at the official website of Payra Port Authority.

Download Link                                                                      Download Link                                                            Download Link

PPA Job Circular 2022



Finally, it can be said that to apply for the Payra Port Authority job you have to apply according to the conditions mentioned in the application. PPA Job Circular 2022 Go through and read this notification very seriously. Details are mentioned in the Karma notification. So want to apply for payara port authority you must do the whole registration and then apply after seeing the application process. If you want to check PPA Job Circular 2022 next result and instructions then definitely visit my website regularly here your desired result will be released first. Thank you very much for being with us

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