SI Basic Training 2022 – সাব ইন্সপেক্টর ক্যাডেট মৌলিক প্রশিক্ষণ 2022

Instructions regarding SI Basic Training 2022 have been issued by concerned authorities at 815 candidates as SI Unarmed 2021 have been directed by concerned authorities to attend Bangladesh Police Academy Sarada on 18 October 2022 at 3 PM for basic training for one year. Based on this, the roll number has been established according to the order of merit.

The news of [Sub Inspector] SI basic training for one the year 2022 Bangladesh Police Academy Sarada has been released by Bangladesh Police Headquarters Dhaka. Candidates who have cleared the entire examination and for whom this notification has been published for the post of Sub Inspector will undergo this basic training. So this notification is very important for you.

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SI Basic Training 2022

The final result of all the candidates who applied for the post of Sub Inspector of Police (Unarmed) from 8th October 2021 to 4th November 2021 has been released. If you have cleared Cadet Sub-Inspector of Police Unarmed then you are welcome. Due to the fact that you will be provided various basic training for 1 year to serve Bangladesh, through this training, you will use your qualification experience to make yourself self-reliant.
Police are public servants. Many people from Bangladesh applied to serve the country. Out of these the list of those who have passed through scrutiny and examination is published below. If you want to get inspector exam results and various police-related information then visit my website regularly. All types of recruitment exam results and various job-related information are published here.

Cadet SI (Unarmed) Basic Training – SI Basic Training

Many have given the full exams of SI Basic Training 2022 Posts. They eagerly awaited basic training. Their wait is over with happy news. Finally, their desired basic training dates are revealed. They are always ready to protect the peace of Bangladesh. Those who love the country and want the peace of the country have applied here. Because no one is interested in this post without love for the country. So all the candidates who were waiting for basic training can check your roll number from this advertisement.

So for the purpose of serving the country, SI has released the final result of the Basic Training Recruitment Exam 2022. A patriot joins the police to serve the country for the good of the country. This time SI has selected many talented students. Till now everyone was worried about Sub SI Basic Training 2022 Exam Final Result. Ending all worries their SI Basic Training 2022 time has come.

Sub-Inspector (Unarmed) SI Basic Training 2022

The people of Bangladesh through Sub Inspector Exam Result 2022, will join to protect Bangladesh. If you have not received the result yet then follow the registration below. Here is your Basic Training 2022 Roll Number and the Date mentioned. Your Roll Number, Training Date, and Exam Venue Training Venue: Mentioned in the notification. You must download the notification to know the details.

A new beginning of a man’s life comes with Sub Inspector Exam Basic Training 2022. They will enrich life through new jobs. Serving people will give them a new start in life. Through basic training, an SI cadet is trained to make their skill experience more effective.


SI Basic Training 2022 PDF Download

Many of those who appeared for the sub-inspector exam are yet to receive their exam results. Many people do not know how to download it. If you don’t know then there is no reason to worry. From here you can check the exam result. For your convenience Sub Inspector Exam Result is attached to this register of mine. The PDF file has to be downloaded from there as well.

Their jobs are primarily confirmed through the results of the Sub Inspector exam. Later they will be trained through training. The notification mentions that the Selection Board has provisionally recommended basic training of 1-year duration for those who have passed all the examinations, on the basis of merit.

Cadet Sub-Inspector (Unarmed) Basic Training 2022

Cadet Sub-Inspectors (Unarmed) will be qualified through one-year basic training. They will be on different subjects. Through the said training, they will know about the solution to various problems of the country. So this training is considered very important. Cadet Sub-Inspector recruitment exam results immediately after. Their basic training will begin. So the date of basic training has already been fixed and notification has been released.

Any information regarding Cadet Sub-Inspector (Unarmed) will be published through this website. If you want to get various information about this then visit my website regularly. I should note that if you want to get the Sub Inspector Result then check below my registration.

Cadet Sub-Inspector Police Disarm 2022 Basic Training

Many want to become cadet sub-inspector police. But the authorities prioritize the meritorious ones in advance. If you were a talented and competent person then you would definitely have been given priority. Here cadet sub-inspectors are recruited by police through many scrutinizing tests. The authorities have released the final exam results to complete all the exams on a recruitment basis. Many are interested in the final result

Those who have not received the Cadet Sub-Inspector Exam Result will get it in the registration. Check whether your roll number is there in the notification. If the roll number is from then you are definitely very lucky. Keep an eye on the official website for further instructions.

Sub Inspector Basic Training 2022 Download

Many people are in a lot of worry about the final result of the Sub Inspector Exam. Because they have gone through many steps to come here today. Conducted written test viva test and selected with an intelligence test. Police authorities complete the recruitment process through verification. Here only honest qualified and fearless and brilliant candidates are selected.

So many brilliant students have fought the exam war to appear for the post of SI. In this exam, only meritorious passed because it is never possible to pass without meritorious here. Even the said candidate should be a person with physical skills and qualifications. So the post of Sub-Inspector is an important post. Cadet Sub-Inspector has many responsibilities and duties. A sub-inspector is said to be the driving force of the institution. So those who have not yet received the final result of the Sub Inspector Exam check below.

সাব-ইন্সপেক্টর অব পুলিশ এর মৌলিক প্রশিক্ষণ এর রোল নম্বর এবং স্থান ও তারিখ নিচের দিকে দেখুন।

SI Basic Training 2022 Download Pdf

Come and get the basic training 2022 download PDF very easily from this article. If you want to download the final result of the sub-inspector exam, you can download it from the official website of the police or you can download it from the PDF file attached at the bottom of this website. So those who were waiting for the final result of the Sub Inspector Exam can easily download it from here. The Sub Inspector visits regularly to know about the final result of the examination. Hope you will get the updated result from here.

The new policemen will receive training after the release of the final result of the sub-inspector examination. They will acquire skills through training. They will advance to protect the country. Justice will continue through law enforcement. To make the judicial system more efficient, they have been trained. Thanks for being with us.

Date of SI Basic Training 2022

Those who haven’t got SI Basic Training 2022 schedule yet can check it from my website or through the official website of the Bangladesh Police. There are many people who have not got the Bangladesh Police SI Timetable till now, for them I have attached a pdf file about it, you can download it there.

SI Basic Training 2022 will be held at Bangladesh Police Academy Sarada. on 18 October 2022. If you want to get this SI basic training date then you can find your roll number from the pdf file attached at the bottom of our website. The basic training will be valid for one year. Various pieces of training will be provided to enhance your experience within a year.

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Cadet SI Basic Training 2022 Venue & Date

Cadet SI Basic Training 2022 will be held at Bangladesh Police Academy Sarada. It has been informed that the basic training will be provided. They will be imparted various types of basic training for one year. By undergoing training they can serve the country by improving their skills and experience. Hence asked to be ready on 18 October 2022. Bangladesh Police Academy Sarada has been mentioned in the notification to appear on the said date. That is why you are requested to bring Bangladesh Police Academy Sarada Cadet SI Basic Training 2022 on time.

SI Basic Training 2022
SI Basic Training 2022(2)
SI Basic Training 2022 -3
SI Basic Training 2022-4


Finally, it can be said that SI uses its basic training to acquire various skills and experience to protect the country. So basic training in this one year is very important for one. This training will be held at Bangladesh Police Academy Sarda e for a full year. One year will use their experience to perfect their skills and move forward to protect the country. So if you want to get a notification in SI Basic Training 2022 then you can read this article well from start to end.

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