Tat Board Viva Exam – Handloom Board Viva Exam

The good news, the Tat Board Viva Exam date has been released on their official website recently www.bhb.gov.bd. Viva EXAMINATION Publish the date and schedule of the oral examination of candidates who qualified in the written examination held on last 22.07.2022 for filling twenty-five temporary vacancies in five categories (Accounts Assistant), Technician, Mustard Dyer, Skilled Tati, and Craftsman in one Fashion Design Training Institute and three Fashion Design Training Sub-centres done Have you passed the written exam! Then you have come to the right place.

As per your roll number and Upazila, wise exam venue and date are fixed. Check your roll number as well as exam venue and date from the below pdf file. Jhalakathi preliminary and final results will be released very soon through the website of Tat Board. Tat Board s wants to get viva exam results! Then visit my website regularly. Here you will get the viva exam date and other results.

Tat Board Viva Exam

Since the Tat Board Viva Exam date has been released, there is no room for neglect. The Handloom Board Viva Exam date of those who appeared in the Tat Board recruitment exam has already been published. The viva examination will be conducted in several stages. After the completion of the viva examination, the authority will publish the examination result. Candidates who clear the written test are called for the viva test. Those who still don’t know the exam date can check from here. Get all information about Tat Board Viva Exam from here.

 The Tat Board is anxious to get the viva exam results of all the candidates who have appeared in the exam. There is no reason to worry. All types of exam results are published here. Registered is going to be very helpful for those of you who have cleared the preliminary exam. second and third phase exam. The final exam will be held after passing the written exam.

Tat Board Viva Exam Notice 2022

Government Tat Board Recruitment Oral examination of candidates in selected Different Upazilas is held at the office Batabo Board Room according to the below-mentioned roll number, date, and time.

If you are applying for the post of in then candidates who have appeared in 2 stages of the written test are called for the oral test. So prepare for the oral exam according to your roll number. 2022 Oral Exam Schedule and Marks are given. Verify that your number is in the notification.

Handloom Board Viva Exam

Handloom Board/ Tat Board viva exam schedule who have not received yet. They will read this article carefully. Because by reading this article you will know details about the Tat Board Exam. And those who haven’t given the viva exam yet follow. For your convenience, we are describing the Tat Board recruitment exam.

The recruitment test is conducted in several phases. Those who clear the exam are called for a viva exam. Candidates who have completed the viva examination. Completing students are waiting for viva exam results. Visit their official website for detailed information regarding external examinations.

Tat Board Viva Time Table 2022

Tat Board s Oral Exam 2022 Bangladesh Department of Tat board DPE Released. Tat Board viva exam result release will be published on their official website. Besides, for all the candidates who have not taken their exam, Tat Boards have to download it from the website of the office.

Tat Board Tat Board Viva Exam Date Released. For those who appeared the exam result will be released very soon. Various information related to Tat Board s can be found here. Prepare for Tat Board District Tat Board Recruitment Exam Viva Exam. Because without preparation one cannot pass the viva exam as the saying goes practice makes cement perfect. So the more you study, the more you will benefit.

Tat board Viva exam schedule 

  • Accounts Assistant: 30 people
    Exam Date: 31.07.2022
    Exam Time: 10:30
    Exam Venue: Batabo Board Room
  • Accounts Assistant: 10 people
    Exam Date: 1.08.2022
    Exam Time: 02:00
    Exam Venue: Batabo Board Room
  • Technician: 20 people
    Exam Date: 1.08.2022
    Exam Time: 02:00
    Exam Venue: Batabo Board Room
  • Technicians: 26 people
    Exam Date: 2.08.2022
    Exam Time: 02:00
    Examination: Batabo Board Room
  • Skilled fathers: 23 people
    Exam Date: 3.08.2022
    Exam Time: 10:30
    Examination: Batabo Board Room
  • Craftsmen: 15 people
    Exam Date: 4.08.2022
    Exam Time: 10:30
    Venue: Batabo Board Room
  • Mustard Dyer: 12 people
    Exam Date: 4.08.2022
    Exam Time: 10:30
    Venue: Batabo Board Room
    Also, if you want to know completely, you can check the PDF file attached below.


Tat Board Viva Exam date 2022 Published

Tat Board Job viva exam schedule date will be published on their official website. The viva exam is said to be the last stage of a job. The board of examiners conducts the final examination by means of an examination. Only sound and qualified people will be considered in the final selection.

The student should go through the preliminary preparation for the preliminary viva examination. Those who have not given the viva exam yet. Prepare for the exam in their own way. Because their viva exam will start. And those who took the fortune test are waiting to get the result. Those candidates will get a viva exam date.

Tat Board Viva Exam date download

Exam  Date and Time Table for Candidates Who Appeared in Phase 1 Luck Exam. The viva exam schedule of the candidates who have cleared the written exam of the date published on the official website of the department for the year. Tat Board has published the notification for the oral examination in the first phase of the examination. There is a list of district-wise viva exam venues and dates of the viva exam.

The first phase of the written exam was held on April 22. The same was published on the website in 2022. Tat Board Selection has three stages. The first is the MCQ exam which has to be a written exam and the last viva exam will end the exam.

Date of Tat Board Viva Exam [Weaving Board Viva Exam]

Tat board viva exam schedule 2022 released by Bangladesh Tat board Department. You will get exam admission 2020 information on their official website. All candidates of the Final Weaving Board Viva Exam 2022 can get the result on this website.
The results of the written examination of the first phase of 14 districts and the of 8 districts held on 22nd April 2022 have been published.
Candidates who qualify for the written test for recruitment of s are called for the viva test. Results are published in June. Stay with me regularly to know viva exam results. Because the exam time is constantly changing. The timing of this exam may have changed. So keep checking regularly and prepare for Handloom Board Viva Exam

Tat board Viva Exam 2022 PDF Download

All the best to those who have appeared in the Handloom Board Recruitment Exam. Because today I am going to inform you about the information regarding the release of the oral test schedule for the candidates who have passed the Tat Board recruitment exam. Read the complete article to know about the Tat Board Recruitment Exam. All the information about the Weaving Board Viva Exam Date has been released in the registration

Tat Board Oral Exam has released the oral test schedule for the candidates. through a new notification has revealed the probable date of the examination. A total of 21 districts participated in the recruitment test. Permanent residents of the Tat Board district who have appeared in the written test can download the oral test date from below this article. Exams will be held in Different Tat Board.

Tat Board Oral Exam Schedule 2022

Candidates for the Tat Board recruitment oral examination must submit an online application uploaded photo application copy, written test admit card, citizenship certificate, local union council certificate as per locality, national identity card, Tat board qualification certificate, and other necessary documents at least grade 9 attested by a gazetted officer. 
The exam date has been released for the candidates who have cleared the Viva exam. The viva exam will be conducted as per the published schedule. A total of 21 districts will conduct the oral examination on Tat Board.

Tat Board Viva Exam date 2022 Download Process

Many of the Tat Board Viva Exam candidates who appeared for the written test and cleared it do not know that the schedule for the oral test has been released. All of them have been called for the oral test on the following dates. An oral exam can change a candidate’s life. So prepare for the oral exam from now. And keep the necessary documents mentioned in the letter. For the examination paper, the viva board will see. Attest the necessary documents mentioned in the letter. Other Tat board-related information is regularly published on this website for your convenience. You can find all types of job notifications here. Even exam results and exam dates will be available here https://bestalljob.com. Collect the necessary documents before appearing at the examination center. Check below for Weaving Board Viva Exam Date. So prepare for the viva exam from now.


Tat Board Viva Exam



All the best to those of you who have cleared the Tat Board Recruitment Written Test. Prepare for the viva exam. Those who have not yet been given a viva exam prepare for the viva exam. And those who have given the Viva exam will be declared the exam result very soon. who still those who don’t get the result visit my website regularly. Hope you get the correct result. So you don’t need to go anywhere to know the Tat Board Viva Exam Date you will get from here.

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